Fall Back In Love With Your Skin This Fall: A Two-Fold Approach

 As the air begins to cool and hold less moisture, so does our skin.  This is a perfect time to adjust your diet and beauty regime to compensate for the dry months ahead.  Adjusting your kitchen menu to include more warming foods, like soups and stews, can help nourish the internal yin, which is responsible for adding moisture and ultimately nourishing the skin from the inside.  Eating seasonally has so many benefits;  It’s logical and more importantly, it really helps your internal environment adjust to the external changes. Omega-3 and beta-carotene rich foods are the perfect choice to boost your yin and nourish your skin this fall.

Our favorite skin nourishing harvest vegetables includes kale, collards, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and pumpkin. Not only are these veggies loaded with beta-carotene, but they also have high fiber content and many detoxifying benefits. Wild salmon is another wonder food for fall.   Loaded with omega-3’s, two or more servings per week for a few weeks will enhance the luster of your complexion because ofthe high omega-3 content.

Beta-carotene can also be found in skin care products that use carrot root oil and carrot seed oil.  These ingredients have an incredible effect on the moisture content of the skin.  Along with oils like primrose and rose hip, which are high in omega-3’s, products that contain these ingredients are wonderful additions to your fall/winter skin care regime.

It makes sense to address your skin care in a two-fold manner.  Loading on the serums and moisturizers will only give immediate results if you spend time exfoliating the skin so that topical ingredients can find their way in. We recommend  2-3 times per week with the Facial washing grains and the LavenderLemongrass sugar scrub.  By shifting the mindset  to  two fold approach- eating to nourish and exfoliating to moisten, your skin will be glowing in no time!  Our top picks for your fall skincare routine include this favorites from our store:  Organic Facial Serum, Organic Night Serum, Washing Grains, Lavender-Lemongrass Sugar Scrub.  Visit our store and receive 20%0ff all items until October 27th.  Use coupon code Fall20 at checkout!